Kids’ Pride

Near Community Centre Jhulelal Chowk,

Near IIIM College,Sec-12

Madhyam Marg,Mansarovar,jaipur

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    Our Children are precious to us and we opt for the very best for them and this process begins right from the day they are born. Teachers and parents are two important pillars for a child’s strong foundation.

    Preschool age is the most impressionable age in one’s life and whatever is learnt at this age gets so deeply embedded in him/her that it comes difficult to change it later on. Kids’ Pride is the only preschool which provides right experiences to the child that help him to develop good habits, confidence, positive attitude and a questioning mind. We at Kids’ Pride are committed not only to provide the knowledge but also a well groomed personality to present the same.

    “Children are given to us on loan for a very short period of time. They come to us like packets of seeds with no guarantees. We do not know what they will look like, act like or have the potential to become. Our job, like the gardener’s is to meet their needs as best as we can. To give proper nourishment, love, attention, caring and to hope for the best