Cambridge Public School

Cambridge Public School,

Kajra, Jhunjhunu Dist,

Rajasthan – 333030

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    Every era in the history of the world faces a change towards progress. “Change” is the key note all over the globe today; “Change” rejuvenates old ideas for the good of mankind. Though this “Change” for a New Age occurs in every era, it takes a mastermind and a revolutionary force to recognize it. Cambridge Public School is that force, masterminding the inevitable “Change” that you will appreciate!

    Cambridge Public School is promoted by Cambridge Education Trust (CET) and governed by a Board of Trustees.

    We at Cambridge Public School, firmly believe that every child is the most potent seed of a powerful human being. Perceiving the approach of New Age of learning equips and empower the children of today, we prepare them to meet the challenges of future by imparting holistic learning rich in social, cultural, theoretical and practical knowledge.

    The alma mater hosts tasteful activities and opportunities for its learner group to promote excellence, success, confidence and self esteem. Cambridge Public School is a very special place where a “mission” drives the management that inspires all our students to continuous inquiry, courage, optimism and integrity to instill in them the importance of being responsible a human being.